HOA Rules You Should Know Before Replacing Windows

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Replacement windows are an investment in your home. When considering replacement windows, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are HOA rules you should know before replacing windows.

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Why Is Window Replacement A Concern? 

When it comes to new windows, most HOAs are concerned about window design, type, and color. When purchasing replacement windows, it is your responsibility to understand what your HOA will and will not allow.

Depending on the neighborhood, the majority of window replacement issues arise when

  • Windows do not match from unit to unit or with the neighborhood’s appeal.
  • Windows do not meet the HOA’s requirements for increasing the overall home value of the community (this often occurs with older construction).
  • When a complete replacement is necessary, homeowners install partial replacement windows.

To avoid these usual problems, the HOA has established guidelines for the design, kind, and color of windows that they will finally approve.

Window Style 

To begin, you must understand what type of windows you presently have and what your HOA will allow. Understanding the fundamental window designs will also allow you to interact more effectively with your licensed window dealer. If the outside style is the same, you may be able to update or change one window design for another. 

For example, you might be able to replace a fixed window with a new casement window, which would provide more ventilation. Discussing your demands with a supplier, as well as the laws you must follow, can help you decide whether it is worthwhile to propose a new window style to your HOA board.

Types of Window

When it comes to window types, the task becomes more complicated. Your HOA may mandate a certain window type, or they may simply care about the window design. In any case, it’s a smart idea to understand the different types of windows available and why one may be a better alternative than another for your replacement windows project while considering replacement windows. Here are a couple of great examples:

Windows made of vinyl:

  • It is paintable.
  • Can be less expensive
  • Can aid in the regulation of your home’s interior temperature

Windows made of aluminum:

  • Durable
  • Can help with ventilation
  • A sleeker appearance is possible (like a thinner frame style)

Once you understand your HOA’s restrictions, choosing between vinyl windows and aluminum windows is as simple as speaking with your certified window dealer. 

Also, take in mind that there may be extra window requirements depending on where you live in the country. In hurricane-prone areas, these regulations might include items like impact-resistant glass. Some state rules have changed after the initial installation of your windows. Older areas may require these sorts of changes for your window replacement installation.

Window Color 

Do you like to flip through home décor publications or look at Pinterest household remodels? Perhaps you’re more discreet, and you take a few blocks off your regular commute or daily stroll to look at neighboring properties. Whatever your degree of interest in window colors, chances are your HOA will want a hand in your window replacement process. 

It is important for your HOA to have a visually uniform and harmonious neighborhood. Additionally, when potential buyers notice the same quality of each property in your area, this sort of uniformity will help raise home resale values.

Once you’ve determined your alternatives depending on your HOA guidelines, it’s time to consult with your window manufacturer about suitable window colors.

The following colors are doable:

  • white
  • bronze
  • black
  • Stainless steel color
  • mahogany red
  • walnut brown
  • hazelnut brown

Multiple color options for your replacement windows project are highly dependent on the window supplier and the kind of windows you choose.

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