Impact Window Replacement Process For Windows in South Florida

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Normal Windows to Impact Windows

People in South Florida know that having impact windows makes the difference between surviving the storm and suffering major consequences. Hurricane season is here! The replacement process to go from old glass windows, to new impact windows is simple if you follow the next few steps. Impact windows are designed to withstand flying debris and powerful winds, making them the perfect south florida window. Impact Windows are ideal for optimizing hurricane protection because they are much stronger than ordinary windows and doors.

What’s So Great About Impact Windows?

If you are a Palm Beach or Miami Dade County resident installing new Impact Windows is the best way to be Hurricane ready. Impact Windows use insulated glass panels to contain the hurricane-force winds that have toppled many homes in recent years. 

They also provide an opportunity to increase airflow by reducing insulation. In addition, new exterior storm panels give greater protection and are easier to clean than standard framed windows since they do not have extensive exterior moldings.

Why is Impact Windows Important in South Florida?

Palm Beach, Miami Dade, and the other hurricane-prone counties in South Florida must abide by the Florida Building Code. It states that windows must be impact-resistant if they are located within one mile of the coast. There’s also a federal law mandating that windows in homes near the coast should be capable of surviving severe storms without shattering, puncturing, or flying apart. Not following these mandates puts you and your home at risk.

How Do I Get My Existing Window Replaced Quickly?

Replacing your existing window with an impact window is easy. Consider these factors: The first of which is determining if the replacement window is mandatory. Miami-Dade County requires all its residents to have their windows replaced before the hurricane season begins; otherwise, they can face fines or jail time. 

Counties including Palm Beach don’t have a specific law on replacing windows. However, a big storm can still cause great damage to your home without added protection. Would the devastation be worth not making this change?

What is the Process for Impact Window Replacement?

If you live in South Florida, there is a very good chance that you have dealt with Hurricane season. Hurricanes and natural disasters that have hit the US over the last decade, there are a few things that every resident has learned. You never know when hurricane season will start, so preparing in advance is a must. 

Your first course of action should be looking into hurricane protection measures like upgrading your normal window protection to impact windows. And for this, you have to go through the Impact Window Replacement process, which we defined below: 

Get an In-Home Quote

A personalized quote begins your window installation process. You will be satisfied and at ease during your experience, as the friendly staff ensures you understand all available benefits before choosing one.  

Then, the estimator will come to your home for a free in-home estimate. The process includes completing an order form for purchase, signing a contract, and scheduling installation.

Impact Windows Installation 

The installation team will arrive at your home when you have decided a day and time. Window replacement will be completed in a few days, depending on the size of your home. However, it is a relatively painless installation that isn’t as expensive as it might appear. The complete Impact Windows installation considers hurricane safety. 

So once the installation is done, the benefits of hurricane-impact windows will quickly become apparent. 

You can expect significantly less noise and water damage than traditional windows, making them perfect for people who live in storms or heavy wind-prone areas. 

You’re saving energy on your utility bills by replacing old, drafty windows and doors. As a result, you’ll have fewer drafts in winter and less air conditioning needed in summer. These benefits will add up!

Right Company Selection for Installation

When considering which company to work with for installing hurricane-rated windows, look for ones specializing in hurricane protection. In order to hire an installation company, make sure they use materials that can sustain the power of Mother Nature. 

Hurricane-rated glass is a key factor in protecting a home and its inhabitants. Experts recommend never skimping on window protection. It may seem like the more upfront cost to spend the money now to protect against hurricanes, but it will save you a lot of headaches later on down the line.

What Makes Replacement so Urgent Right Now!

The most urgent reason to replace your windows is if you have lived in South Florida long enough to remember what happened during Hurricane Andrew, which impacted Dade County (Miami). Another reason to replace is the threat of another storm. 

When people are already stressed about recovering from a natural disaster, the last thing they want is to worry about their home’s security too. Impact window companies know that homeowners can’t risk staying put in a danger zone and waiting for their glass windows to break. 

Work you Can Count on

Lock tight has been a leading name in South Florida for impact window replacements for over 50 years. In addition to being one of the best home protection providers, we also offer only top-of-the-line products to keep your home safe. Our Impact Windows are designed explicitly with Hurricane Protection in mind so you can keep your family, property, and investment safe from any storms that may come your way.

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Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors

Hurricane Protection

Prepare your home for the next hurricane with products specifically made to withstand the elements. Designed to withstand pressures up to +/- 100, our products will keep you and your family safe when a storm arrises.

Energy Savings

Save 20-30% on your monthly energy bill by switching to energy efficient windows from one of our leading manufacturers.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy a quiet home with Impact Windows and Doors. Decreasing 40% of external noise from all outside forces.

Burglar Resistant

Many homeowners are paying $30 – $90 a month for a security system. Save money on a security system by installing impact windows and doors. Our products keep unwanted intruders out and your home safe.

Insurance Savings

Save an average of 25% on your homeowners insurance policy by switching to impact windows and doors.

Increase Property Value

With a wide variety of designs, increase your homes curb appeal and property value by switching to impact windows and doors.


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Sale Ending 07-01-2023…
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Sale Ending Soon 07-01-2023
30% OFF
Hurricane Impact Windows!