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The type of glass used on your home windows can make a significant difference in your safety, based on where you live. Although some homeowners may not give their window glass much attention. It’s quite essential to examine what type is most suitable for your home.  Particularly if you reside in a city or state on the ocean, such as South Carolina or South Florida. Below, we’ll go over Standard vs. Impact-Resistant Windows and key factors you should know. Including a few added features to help you decide!

Long-Term Protection 

It’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to hurry back to the house if a storm is coming. Having both burglary and storm protection will help any homeowner sleep peacefully.

Not only will you get hurricane protection with our broad assortment of windows and doors, but you also safeguard your home against burglaries. Impact-resistant windows are made of two layers of tempered glass connected to a shatter-proof membrane in the center. The membrane is usually constructed of Polyvinyl Butyral. When the exterior glass shatters, the fractured bits will attach to the PVB film. 

Insurance Discounts 

Many insurance companies acknowledge impact windows and doors as good storm protection equipment.

If you secure all of your house openings with impact-resistant windows and doors, you might save up to 45% on your premiums annually. 

Check with your insurance carrier to see if any savings are available. Lower heating and cooling costs will effectively cover the price between regular glass windows shutters and impact glass windows.

UV – Light Protection 

Laminated glass blocks ultraviolet light rays protecting your skin and belongings from fading or discoloration caused by continuous sun exposure.

If you love direct sunshine our high-impact windows and doors will behave as sun-glasses in your home. Effectively blocking the dangerous UV rays without causing any visible light decrease.


Storm panels and shutters on normal glass windows are frequently the more appealing alternative to homeowners—at least at first. Storm shutters are a no-brainer with low initial expenses. However, many people are unaware that the cost comparison may vary significantly over time. 

Regular glass windows with storm shutters, nevertheless are inexpensive versus impact-resistant windows. Which will require installation and storage on a regular basis. 

Storm shutters only serve the purpose of storm protection, while impact-resistant windows stay intact at all times. Installing and removing storm panels and shutters are costly, especially during storm season.

Hurricane-resistant windows can raise your overall building costs, but they will provide excellent protection throughout the storm season. The investment may pay for itself by reducing storm damage, and it may also qualify you for lower home insurance premiums.

Proven Quality 

Locktight’s impact-resistant windows and doors are built to last. Also built to survive the most severe weather conditions that can be found in Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean.

Offering high-performance, high aesthetic product lines, and manufactured to the most demanding industry standards. We provide superior storm protection for residential and industrial structures in both new and old construction. 

Whether you choose aluminum or vinyl, our windows and doors radiate strength and beauty. All thanks to the use of impact-resistant laminated glass and the best hardware. This is a result of our craftsmanship, pride, and engineering expertise.

Locktight promises to provide windows with quality, style, and energy efficiency. Assisting you in selecting the best items depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. Windows from reputable manufacturers, installed to factory standards. If you enjoyed this article on standard vs impact-resistant windows and would like to read more feel free to read more on our blog.

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Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors

Hurricane Protection

Prepare your home for the next hurricane with products specifically made to withstand the elements. Designed to withstand pressures up to +/- 100, our products will keep you and your family safe when a storm arrises.

Energy Savings

Save 20-30% on your monthly energy bill by switching to energy efficient windows from one of our leading manufacturers.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy a quiet home with Impact Windows and Doors. Decreasing 40% of external noise from all outside forces.

Burglar Resistant

Many homeowners are paying $30 – $90 a month for a security system. Save money on a security system by installing impact windows and doors. Our products keep unwanted intruders out and your home safe.

Insurance Savings

Save an average of 25% on your homeowners insurance policy by switching to impact windows and doors.

Increase Property Value

With a wide variety of designs, increase your homes curb appeal and property value by switching to impact windows and doors.


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Sale Ending Soon 07-01-2023
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Hurricane Impact Windows!