Things to Consider for Your Next Window & Hurricane Rated Front Door Upgrade

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Windows and doors take up approximately 15% of your wall space, so upgrading them is an excellent chance to improve your curb appeal, conserve energy and safeguard your home.

While upgrading the doors or windows of your home may seem simple enough, it is not an investment to be taken lightly. Windows and doors take up approximately 15% of your wall space, so upgrading them is an excellent chance to improve your curb appeal, conserve energy and safeguard your home.

Additionally, if you live in a hurricane-prone state such as Florida, the impact resistance of vintage windows and doors is likely to be a major concern. This is why you need the guidance of a reputable contractor such as LockTight Impact to choose the right Window & Hurricane Rated Front Door Upgrade. 

We know how exciting it is to remodel your home in any way, whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been living in your place for a while. Here are the top five things to consider for your next window or door upgrade.  

State, City and Neighborhood Requirements

Your current windows and doors may not comply with the latest regulations in your area. Certain states have a list of requirements for window and door specifications. In some other states, the territory where you live tends to play an important role. 

Consider Florida, for example, where certain areas are more hurricane-prone than others. If your home is located in a Wind Borne Debris Territory in Florida, you will need some serious protection — shutter windows, hurricane inspect garage doors and hurricane-rated front doors. 

Before you start to research designs you find intriguing, ensure you check for compliance with the stated rules. At LockTight Impact, we provide the needed guidance to make sure you have a window or door that meets the building codes for your area. 

HOA Guidelines 

In some neighbourhoods, there are guidelines for designing the exterior of your home to ensure consistency in the look and feel of buildings in the community. These guidelines may even include strict specifications of color, style and grid types. 

It is important to consult your local homeowner board (HOA) to clarify the exact regulations for your area, before investing in your home renovation. This way, we can help you choose the right products that suit your needs. 

     2. Cash and Energy Savings 

It’s always a good idea to look out for how to save money when remodeling your home, and window & hurricane rated front door upgrades are no exception. While the investment itself may cost a tidy sum, you can save money on your homeowners’ insurance policy in the long run. 

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, upgrading your windows and doors to a much more impact resistant version, might earn you a discount or credit from your insurer. Insurance companies are often willing to accept lower premiums since it costs them less than actually paying for losses or damages. 

Even if your area isn’t particularly at risk of tropical storms, your insurer will likely have a special policy given to specific types of upgrades. Check with your insurance company to know exactly how upgrading your windows and doors can help you lower your premiums, or receive a discount on your homeowners’ policy. 

Get energy efficient windows

When it comes to windows in particular, you can save on energy bills by getting proper insulation. According to the Department of Energy, households lose an average of 30% of heating energy via the windows. 

This bizarre waste can be cut down to less than 5% if you install the right windows that prevent cold drafts from entering your home. LockTight Impact offers an extensive selection of glass types that can minimize energy usage indoors, and help lower your bills. 

     3. Types of Windows & Doors Available 

This is probably what comes first on your mind when you decide to upgrade doors or windows in your home. By now though you probably know that there’s more to it than simply style. You need to consider the three R’s: reliability, ruggedness and regularity with the theme of your building, as well as other houses in your neighborhood. 

At LockTight Impact, there is a wide variety of window and door types to choose from. Here are a few things you might want to consider: 

  • The elegance of wooden window frames comes at the cost of tedious maintenance requirements. On the other hand, vinyl is quite resistant to fading and corrosion. There are also fiberglass frames which readily expand and contract with the glass they hold – offering the best insulation out there. You will have to choose very carefully.
  • Another thing to consider is the ruggedness of any doors you’re planning to install. Impact resistant doors aren’t just for hurricane protection. They’re also famously hard to break into and can protect your home from petty burglars.
  • Make sure you discuss additional features, such as soundproofing, before settling on a particular style or design.

     4. Fixtures & Fittings

You’ll need to factor in the right accessories to go with your window or door upgrades. Details like handles, and locks should be carefully chosen to ensure they properly accentuate the overall theme of your home.

You may also want to check with your local force to ensure the locking mechanism is in compliance with entry codes. This way, you ensure your home is properly safeguarded from burglary. Installing locks and guards will also prevent toddlers and young children from falling out through large windows.

If you feel your children are particularly at risk, you may consider investing in “open window” motion sensors or an AI-powered camera with the functionality to detect child motion. It may be pricey, but worth it, if you have kids in your household.

     5. Warranty 

Before you make your decision, it is a good idea to ask about the warranty. Certain types of door and window upgrades come with a warranty from the manufacturer. At LockTight Impact we offer an additional warranty on most installations. 

However, to get the best out of of your new windows and doors you will need to properly maintain the upgrades. This is also something to consider from the planning stage, to ensure you can handle the maintenance requirements of your upgraded windows and doors.

As said earlier, a window & hurricane rated front door is an excellent investment. If you’ve decided to upgrade the windows or doors in your home, let us help you. We are the leading contractor for hurricane impact windows and doors in Florida. With our decades of experience in the home renovation industry in Florida, we can assure you of the best products for your home safety and security needs. 

Call (954) 500-LOCK today to get started.

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