Why Your Windows are Making Popping Sounds

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Late in the evening, you probably hear a faint pop at the window. The popping sound is unsettling. The sound is often a tree limb tapping against the glass and bugs scrambling for a way in. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of that annoying popping sound isn’t what you assume. 

Sadly, It could be something else within the household. Badly placed siding windows are main factors. Here’s a list of why your windows are making popping sounds. Also some ways to help you find some tranquility.

Poorly Installed Vinyl Siding 

Normally, the source of the iconic popping noise is not the windows itself. The sound is often originating from the vinyl siding put on the outside of the property. Tightly packed vinyl siding can cause popping.

Once it stretches in some weather, warmer months, it tightens and the pins “pop” out of their position. Thankfully, the answer is straightforward: uninstall the siding and have a specialist restore or repair it. This will make your siding perfectly aligned, and the popping noise will stop.

Windows with Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum, like other metals, warms up rapidly in the sunlight, and aluminum-clad window frames are no exception. After a day in the sun, aluminum-clad window frames often grow in size quicker than windows composed of other elements. 

Aluminum heats and cools quickly therefore, the popping sound is caused by quick expansions and contractions. Given that the aluminum is an intrinsic part of the screen, the only long-term remedy to the popping noise is to substitute these windows with something more warmth and weather- resistant, like vinyl windows.

Low E-Glass Windows 

However, If the strange popping sound emerged upon changing window frames or relocating into a recently renovated house, Low-E glass would be the reason. This sharp, translucent, and non-toxic glazed glass can increase the energy efficiency of your home, but it is not a good match for properties with aluminum siding. 

Due to the fact, low-E glass radiates heat away from the property to maintain a steady indoor climate. The redirected power is collects by the bordered siding. This acquired heat can instantly dissipate, and the resulting reduction in temperature can contribute to the popping noise you’re experiencing. Upgrade your metal siding with vinyl siding or concrete composite siding for a long-term alternative.

Poor Window Installation 

Additionally, if you’re certain that none of these underlying issues are causing the popping sound, the issue could be originating from the windows. Tension builds on the jambs of windows that aren’t placed correctly, parallel and flat.  

The jamb bends inwards, putting strain on the window sashes and causing the popping or cracking sound you’re experiencing. When you discover that the windows are the source of the popping noise, they will properly uninstalled and reinstalled. 

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New windows will lead to significant savings on fuel costs, protect your property, and, in this instance, eliminate annoying popping noises! 

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