Your Next Home Investment Should Be Impact Glass Windows and Here’s Why

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Hurricane Impact Windows!

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When it comes to protecting your family, you need to ensure you have the best material to withstand all Mother Nature has to throw at you. During a tropical storm or hurricane, your home may be susceptible to debris thrown by heavy winds. If your windows and doors aren’t stormproof, you may be in big trouble. You may want to consider installing impact glass windows to your home before the storm.

Fortunately, LockTight Impact Windows and Doors offers CGI Windows & Doors, made with high-impact glass that can withstand windborne debris. Keep reading to learn more about how these high-impact windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL can help you! 

CGI Windows & Doors 

CGI Windows and Doors is one of the top manufacturers of hurricane impact safe windows and doors. They produce their hurricane impact safe windows and doors precisely to industry principles, offering quality hurricane protection to your home! 

If you’re interested in purchasing  CGI Windows to protect your home, then we can help! We’re Fort Lauderdale’s most experienced window and door contractor, offering high-impact windows in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities. 

We offer CGI Windows in a variety of styles, including:

  • Single Hung
  • Two Light Horizontal Slider
  • Three Light Horizontal Slider
  • Casement

If you are unsure which style would best fit your home or office building, schedule a free estimate  to learn about which option may best suit you.

Benefits of CGI Impact Glass Windows

With LockTight, you’re not just getting the best arrangement and best assistance, but that you’re getting quality items too. 

If you’re looking to both save money and increase your property, then consider making high-impact windows in Fort Lauderdale your next environment. Given their added protection and aesthetic beauty, they not only make your home beautiful but will also increase the value.

CGI Impact Glass Windows and doors are scientifically engineered to withstand high winds and wind debris better than the competition. CGI Impact Glass Windows are also more energy-efficient than traditional windows. 

These windows provide increased insulation, which helps keep your home cooler in warmer months! This in turn helps you keep the electricity bills low.

In addition to the increased insulation, CGI Impact Glass Windows can also provide an increased reduction in exterior noise. This compared to traditional windows and doors. Enjoy a quieter home with windows that block out road noise, lawn/maintenance workers, and even noisy neighbors. 

Contact Us Today!

To learn more about our high-impact windows in Fort Lauderdale and how CGI Impact Glass Windows can help you have a safer more energy-efficient home, reach out to us today! LockTight Impact Windows and Doors has years of experience helping residents and business owners throughout South Florida and we can help you! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors

Hurricane Protection

Prepare your home for the next hurricane with products specifically made to withstand the elements. Designed to withstand pressures up to +/- 100, our products will keep you and your family safe when a storm arrises.

Energy Savings

Save 20-30% on your monthly energy bill by switching to energy efficient windows from one of our leading manufacturers.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy a quiet home with Impact Windows and Doors. Decreasing 40% of external noise from all outside forces.

Burglar Resistant

Many homeowners are paying $30 – $90 a month for a security system. Save money on a security system by installing impact windows and doors. Our products keep unwanted intruders out and your home safe.

Insurance Savings

Save an average of 25% on your homeowners insurance policy by switching to impact windows and doors.

Increase Property Value

With a wide variety of designs, increase your homes curb appeal and property value by switching to impact windows and doors.


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Sale Ending 07-01-2023…
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Sale Ending Soon 07-01-2023
30% OFF
Hurricane Impact Windows!