5 Ways to Increase Home Value with Windows and Doors

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We’ve gathered our 50+ years of knowledge and experience to share 5 ways to increase your home value. As a South Florida based company, we know the housing market is crazy.

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At LockTight Impact Windows and Doors, we know how important it is to increase the value of your home. We’ve gathered our 50+ years of knowledge and experience to share 5 ways to increase your home value. As a South Florida based company, we know the housing market is crazy. If you plan to keep your home updated and valuable, we can help. 

1. Keep up the Curb-Appeal

How does your home look from the street view? Curb-appeal is the attractive qualities of your home that can be seen from the street or outside. This is the first-impression people or prospective buyers will have when they see your home. A homes’ exterior is just as important as the interior. 

Landscaping is critical to curb-appeal. Compared to neighboring homes, how does your home compare? Hiring a landscaping company can be pricey, but even planting some native flowers or trees can increase the curb-appeal of your home. 

We know in South Florida that the outside of a home can be stained by hard water or mold from the humid conditions, as well as from the salt when living near the ocean. Consider a fresh coat of paint in order to keep your home looking sharp!

Lastly, when considering the way the outside of your home appears, consider your windows and doors. Impact windows and doors will allow your home look much more appealing and largely increase the value.

2. Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homes are trendy, and at LockTight, we know eco-friendly homes won’t be going out of style. Energy conserving qualities on a home can have a powerful influence on a home’s value. If you’re concerned about the cost, consider an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). 

An EEM is a mortgage deal that encourages buyers to make energy efficient improvements to their home by giving buyers a better rate and larger borrowing quantity in order to cover the cost of energy efficient improvements. Improving attic insulation, switching to LED lights and more efficient appliances will boost home value and attract eco-conscious buyers. Solar panels are another great addition to an energy efficient home. 

The energy efficient windows we provide at LockTight will instantly start saving you 20-30% on your energy bills. Long-term, they will increase your home value as well. 

3. Safe, Burglar Resistant Windows and Doors

Safe and secure homes are appealing to all buyers. A history of break-ins or criminal activity is never good for the value of a home. Security bars on windows or storm doors can create a negative appearance. LockTight Impact Windows and Doors can provide safety and security, while keeping up a beautiful exterior. 

Protect you and your family from thieves and criminals with our windows and doors. Our windows have thick layered glass that are nearly impossible to break or damage. Our windows and doors are also effective for hurricane protection. This is so helpful because it makes unsightly hurricane shutters obsolete. 

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Updating the kitchen and bathroom may seem like a big project, but even small improvements can make a big change when it comes to increasing home value. Consider replacing a lighting fixture, mirror, or tile to get a big return on a small investment. When looking into updates, remember trending styles are more minimalist and simple. 

5. Get Regular Upkeep and Repairs

Next time you walk around and inspect your home, make a small list of small things that may be broken or just need little touch ups or repairs. When people live in their home for years, it can be easy to miss little details that a prospective homebuyer will notice. Small details make a difference and can make your home appear neglected or well-maintained. 

If you have a hard time noticing the little things, invite a friend or family member over to give your home a walk through with fresh eyes. 

Increasing Home Value with LockTight Impact Windows and Doors

Keeping a home updated while increasing home value is an essential part of homeowning. We are experts when it comes to home improvement with windows and doors, and our company is built on honesty and integrity. LockTight has more than 50 years of experience in project design and installation of windows and doors in South Florida. We are here to help you choose the right products to protect your homes and families, at the most affordable prices.

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Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors

Hurricane Protection

Prepare your home for the next hurricane with products specifically made to withstand the elements. Designed to withstand pressures up to +/- 100, our products will keep you and your family safe when a storm arrises.

Energy Savings

Save 20-30% on your monthly energy bill by switching to energy efficient windows from one of our leading manufacturers.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy a quiet home with Impact Windows and Doors. Decreasing 40% of external noise from all outside forces.

Burglar Resistant

Many homeowners are paying $30 – $90 a month for a security system. Save money on a security system by installing impact windows and doors. Our products keep unwanted intruders out and your home safe.

Insurance Savings

Save an average of 25% on your homeowners insurance policy by switching to impact windows and doors.

Increase Property Value

With a wide variety of designs, increase your homes curb appeal and property value by switching to impact windows and doors.


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